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Holistic Midwifery Care And Support By Midwife Liselotte

f you are looking for individualised, home-based, unhurried antenatal, birth and/or postnatal care, then this is for you! 

Background information:


The Irish maternity care system doesn't provide people with many options and there is very little continuity of carer. What this means is that your antenatal and postnatal visits are usually very short and you will see lots of different midwives and/or doctors along the way. Most likely, you will be giving birth with a midwife who you have never met before and she will not be the one doing your postnatal care either. Unless you opted for the “DOMINO” sceme available in some hospitals. In this case care is provided a smaller team of midwives who rotate between, antenatal, birth and postnatal shifts so chances are that you may have met the midwife during an antenatal visit, see her at the birth and maybe again for a postnatal visit. 

For all other options: public care, semi-private or private, you will come across different midwives all the time.


Generally, you and your baby’s physical / medical needs will be well looked after but there isn't much time for  anything “extra” like answering questions properly, talking about your lifestyle, nutrition, you and your family’s well being etc. And, there is little to no building up of a trusting relationship between the family and the midwife. This is very  unfortunate because these aspects of maternity care are so important in order to achieve the most positive birth experience and the prevention of postnatal anxiety and / or depression. Birth will proceed more smoothly when the mother feels safe, unhurried, in a secure environment and supported by people she  knows and trusts, AND people who KNOW HER! 


Private obstetric consultants do offer a service of continuity of care as they will see their clients at every appointment and will most likely be present for the birth, however, they will not be with you for the full duration of your labour, visit you at home and their postnatal care is limited to a few short check-ups during your hospital stay, a 2-week and 6-week postnatal appointment. 


So, for those who would like to be looked after by a familiar midwife who makes time for them, who they can rely on, who will be there with them for the whole journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond, the best option is to work with an  independent midwife working for "Private Midwives" (Like me!!) or a SECM (Self Employed Community Midwife), working for the HSE home birth service 

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