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Maternity Night Care Service


A service very welcomed by:


  • families with newborn twins, triplets (or more!)

  • mothers coming home early from hospital to avail of the quiet and comfortable surroundings of their own home, but with the back-up of a midwife onboard!

  • mothers in need of more quality sleep due to postnatal depression or other medical conditions

  • anyone looking for a good night sleep!

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Also breastfeeding mothers can benefit from this service:

we can feed your baby with expressed breast milk (or formula) or bring your baby to you for breastfeeding. After the feeding, we will settle your baby and let you go back to sleep. However, it is recommended that a breastfeeding mother expresses or breastfeeds at least once during the night in order to keep up with the milk production and to prevent mastitis.

We do not provide a "sleep training service"!

But, if needed, we can help you find a way of settling your baby that works best for you and your baby or advice and support you in the method of your choice.

Generally, night care starts at 22.00h and finishes at 07.00 but times can be arranged to suit you.

On the first night, we meet 30 min. earlier, at no extra cost, so we can chat and get to know each other, find out where things are and see how we can help you best.

Due to high demand, I provide this service with some other midwives, together we do our best to help you out when needed.

Our night care service covers Co. Dublin, Co. Wicklow and Co. Kildare

Night Care Costs

€210 - (9h shift: 22.00h - 07.00h)

€10 travel fee for people living "outside area"

Longer or shorter shifts may not be available, but if required we can try to accommodate your request.

We do not charge extra for twins!

Book Your Maternity Night Care:

Call or e-mail Liselotte for more information or fill in a booking enquiry form via link below. Booking confirmations by phone call only!

M: 0876457489 E: