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"Midwife Liselotte" Maternity  Care  & Support Packages

Your own Midwife by your side:  how can this work out for you? 

My maternity care and support service is a private service that I provide in addition to your chosen maternity care provider.  You will still need to sign up to a maternity care provider who will look after your regular check-ups and medical needs during your pregnancy. In addition to this, I will be there as your "rock", filling in the gaps, providing continuation of care and on-going advice, care & support in the comfort of your own home at a time suitable to you.

At present I do not provide a home birth service. If you are looking for a home birth check out: Private Midwives Ireland or home birth with a Self Employed Community Midwife (SECM) For more info see here

What are the benefits of choosing a Maternity Care & Support Package with me?

  • when your care and support is pre-booked, I can support you from as early in your pregnancy as you wish and I will make sure to keep myself available for your family around the time of your estimated delivery date. 

  • this model of care and support secures a higher level of "continuity of care" which has been proven to be a key element in providing optimal maternity care.

Choose from:
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"Start to Finish"

 A midwife by your side all the way: from pregnancy to birth and beyond! Drip-feeding you with antenatal & postnatal support, advice and education. Someone there to guide and support you whenever needed.


*4 antenatal sessions to provide you with my full antenatal program

*Accompany you at home during the early stage of labour, before you go to the hospital

*2 postnatal home visits

during the first week following the birth of your baby

*weekly postnatal home visit up to 6 weeks postpartum

*"stand by" support by email or phone call from sign-up till 12 weeks postnatal


*access to my "Midwife Liselotte" Whatsapp group

*Cost: €1800 - €1920

Nursing Newborn

"Help Me Feed"

Breastfeeding support and assistance along the way. Let me help you to prepare to breastfeed your beautiful baby, assist & support you during those early days of your breastfeeding journey.


*Antenatal breastfeeding consultation/education

*Initial Lactation Consultation

*Follow-up Lactation Consultation

*6 weeks ongoing support by phone/video call or email

*access to my "Midwife Liselotte" WhatsApp group

*Cost: €450 - €500

Pregnant Woman in Nature

"Classes Only"


Choose this program if you are just looking for antenatal classes. Classes tailored to your own needs can start at any stage of your pregnancy.


*Choose from:

-Early Pregnancy Class

-Antenatal Part 1: Healthy life in late pregnancy

-Antenatal Part 2: Labour & Birth

-Antenatal Part 3: Postnatal recovery & early days with your baby

-Breastfeeding class

-twin class

-C-section class

-refresher class

*Access to my "Midwife Liselotte" Whatsapp group

*Cost: €80/online class

          €120-130/ face-to-            face class

          €300/330 for set              of 3 classes

Mother with her Baby

"Call The Midwife"

Looking for advice and support? Call me for a antenatal, postnatal or lactation consultation or a few hours of postnatal home care.


A single session based on your specific needs or questions. Available on-demand depending on my availability.

Choose from:

*Lactation Consultation

*Antenatal Home Visit

*Postnatal Home Visit

*Private Baby Massage Session

*access to my "Midwife Liselotte" WhatsApp group

Cost: depending on the service, your location

and duration of the session.

Mother and Baby in Autumn

"Baby Moon"

Support, advice and education during those early,more challenging days with your newborn baby(ies)


*1 antenatal session to help you make up your postnatal support plan and answer any questions you may have.

*2 postnatal home visits during the first week following birth

*Weekly postnatal home visits up to 6 weeks postpartum

*"Stand by" support by email or phone call up till 12 weeks postnatal

*access to "Midwife Liselotte" Whatsapp group

*Cost: €960 - €1040


"Discovery Call"

15 min. chat to find out how I can help you best and discover if you would like to work with me.


Just fill in the "Contact Me" form below and I'll give you a call for a chat.



Please check-in with your health insurance provider to find out if you are entitled to a refund.