"Little Miracles" Antenatal Classes

All classes and courses are facilitated by Midwife and Lactation Consultant Liselotte Hill

My antenatal classes are being remoduled! Please check back soon.

Why choose "Little Miracles" Antenatal Classes?

My antenatal classes are designed to both inform and empower you and your birth partner throughout the process of labour, birth and beyond. My aim is to help you gain confidence in your body and your natural ability to give birth to your beautiful baby.You will be given plenty of tips and advice so that you and your birth partner can relax and look forward to this very special journey into parenthood.

Topics covered in Labour, Birth & Baby Classes:


*Healthy life in late pregnancy

*Preparation for labour, birth and beyond

*Physiology of labour and birth

*First signs of labour and what to do next, when to go to hospital or call your Midwife

*Coping methods and pain relief (natural and medical)

*Birth of your baby and first moments with your baby

*Breastfeeding basics

*your immediate postnatal recovery

*Tips and advice for birthing partners

*Practical exercises: use of birthing ball, labour ease methods, breathing techniques, positions for labour and birth, pelvic floor exercises

I use slide show and video material during classes and there is plenty of time for chats and questions. Back-up information is provided by email and you will get a download link to my antenatal course ebook.

This program is available as a one-day antenatal group class or over 3 private one-to-one sessions.

At present, my antenatal classes are undergoing a completely unique twist. After reviewing my almost 20 years of working in the Irish maternity sector, my own personal experiences as a mother, and listening to the stories of the many families with whom I have worked over the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that there is a need for a different, more inclusive and continuous method of antenatal & postnatal care, support, and education. 

Soon I will be announcing my new family support packages, designed to be along your side from start to finish as our your "midwife maternity coach". These "start" and "finish" points can be anywhere along your journey from the moment you found out you're pregnant till your baby (s) reaches 3 months of age (or beyond if you wish and If I am available)

Most people choose to give birth in a hospital under either the private, semi-private or public maternity care system or the community midwifery care sceme provided by some of the maternity hospitals.

Unless a family chooses to have a homebirth, provided by a self-employed community midwife or a private midwife, they will usually come across thons of maternity care providers, all for different services at different stages. What is lacking is consistency, a familiar face and voice along your side from start to finish or whenever needed.

So this is exactly the gap that I am willing to fill up for you. 

I am aware that not everyone is in need of these extensive packages, or maybe you are only finding out about this service when you are already well on your journey... no problem, all packages, classes and services can be tailored to your own specific needs.

The family support packages will include all the antenatal and postnatal support, guidance, and education that you may need. I will not be looking after any of your medical care, this will need to be provided by the maternity care provider of your choice. However, I could provide you with some additional check-up or discuss any queries or concerns you may have in view of your pregnancy, newborn baby or postnatal recovery.


Lisolette is such a lovely warm person who inspired confidence in me. Baby number 1 is so daunting and I knew very little about the birth process but Lisolette went through all options and the process and I feel calmer knowing what to expect. Her class is so personable and I loved that approach. Thank you so much


Excellent, would highly recommended this one day course, handy to get everything done in a day, very informative and helpful! Liselotte is very calming, has answers and info to any questions you may have and puts your mind at ease. Thank you Liselotte for a great day!


Really informative class in a relaxed setting. Highly recommended.

Very clear and concise. Good balance of argument for natural vs assisted birth methods


Up to €100.00 of course refundable on Health Insurance. Check with your provider to see if you qualify.

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