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Antenatal Group Classes are back!...and for this new adventure I have teamed-up with the lovely Doula Nadia Conroy from: Nadia- Birth Empowerment/ Dancing Mamas

Nadia & Liselotte

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We are here to guide you towards:

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

A Healthy 3rd trimester


A Confident Labour & Birth

Newborn Baby

Joyful Early Days Of Parenthood

Welcome to "Birth Preparation With Liselotte & Nadia".  We believe in the importance of balanced and comprehensive antenatal education, not only focussing on "labour & birth" but we also want to help you live a healthy pregnancy and  postpartum.  We will work our way through topics from "healthy life in late pregnancy" to "how can I settle my baby?", and everything in between... This means there is a lot to cover.... so we have created the course as follows:

-A one-day Sunday workshop for the pregnant ones: "Pregnancy wellness & birth preparation" 

-A Wednesday evening couple-session: "Supportive Labour, Birth & postnatal"

Our vision is to merge the skills, knowledge and wisdom of the ancient art and profession of midwifery and doula practices to support those birthing in this modern age.

Our aim is for you to feel mentally, physically and spiritually ready to welcome your new baby and ease the transition into parenthood.


During the Sunday workshop, we will cover:

  • How your body & baby are getting ready for labour, birth & beyond (Yes, nature does most of the work for you!!!)

  • Mental & physical preparation for labour, birth & beyond (What you can do to give nature a little hand)

  • The importance of building your support network, why it is so important and how to do this.

  • We will include circle moments, breathing & relaxation techniques, pelvic floor exercises, exercises to help baby in best position for birth, pregnancy dance & movement, time for lunch and tea -breaks & plenty of chats.

A couple-session, for both you and your birthing partner to attend, will follow on the first Wed. evening after your Sunday session.
This will be a mixed theoretical / practical session in which you will be given some more general antenatal information and practical advice to provide your birth partner with the tools and knowledge to support you through labour, birth and beyond.

We will work through questions / topics like: 

  • What is labour, how to recognise it and what to do next?

  • How to time contractions and when to go to the hospital?

  • What happens when we get to the hospital?

  • Coping methods and pain relieve options 

  • what happens after your baby is born?


We will get moving and exploring to see how different labour ease methods and comfort tools might help you  during labour. Like for example: positioning, rebozos, birthing balls, controlled breathing using a "winner flow" 

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Costs: *special start-off promotion*
€180 (€155 concession rate).
Note: check with your health insurance provider, you may be covered a refund on antenatal classes.

Please feel free to be in touch if you require any further information.



We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and bump on this birth preparation course and supporting you at this massively important time in your life.

Nadia & Liselotte
087645 7489 


upcoming classes

June Course: Sun. 19/06/2022 Wed. evening 22/06
September 1-day Course: Sun. 25/09/2022


Luisne Center For Welbeing in Bray, Co.Wicklow

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