Come join us on the WIX mobile app so we can chat, share our ups & downs of parenting and make new friends from the comfort and safety of our homes!

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

"It takes a village to raise a child".... But what if that village is hiding from you during times of pandemic, or when you find it hard to get out of the door, or you don't know many other parents in your area?


"Midwife Liselotte's online community"

If so, then I'm glad you found us because this is a good place to start!

I have created an online platform for parents and parents-to-be to connect and support each other using my "WIX mobile site". All you need to do is: fill in the "request to join" form here, introduce yourself, and once I have received and approved your request, I will email you a download link and access code to join the platform. When you are on the platform you can choose which groups you would like to join. In the groups you can chat with the other parents and with me. My aim is that parents can connect with each other to provide and receive peer-to-peer support, make friends and maybe arrange to meet up in the real world when it is safe to do so. I will also share some tips and advice and "fun stuff" to do with your babies or while pregnant. Yes, we all deserve some FUN and INTERACTION!

The platform is mainly set up for people living in the Bray - Greystones and surrounding areas (Because we will arrange some local meet-ups), but everyone is welcome to join!

The groups are listed below but you can not access them here. I am keeping the platform safe and private only accessible for members.