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"Little Miracles"
Baby Massage Classes

Learn  to massage your baby, privately one-to-one or in small group classes. Baby massage is relaxing for mother and baby and a super fun way to spend quality time with your baby.

Note: I am not running baby massage group classes at present.

Why massage your baby?


Baby Massage is a wonderful way to spend time enjoying your new baby and deepening your bond. Nurturing touch has been proved to have a significant positive and lasting effect on babies.

Baby massage is beneficial for all parents and babies, but especially for those born prematurely, special needs babies, babies with colic or constipation or mothers with postnatal depression.

Image by Khoa Pham

Baby Massage Group Classes


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, my baby massage group classes are only available online.

The online baby massage classes run on Thurs. mornings 10.30 - 11.45

In this 6-week course, you will learn a full body massage for your baby and we will discuss how baby massage benefits and enhances your baby and your own wellbeing.

Costs for online ZOOM classes:

 €75 for 6-week program, including baby massage oil and handouts.


COVID & weather permitting, we aim to meet at least once during each course for a walk along Greystones seaside so we get to see each other "in real life" and admire each other's babies.

Dates for the next courses:

No classes at present



I teach Baby Massage Group Classes in "The Old School House" in Delgany, Co. Wicklow.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these classes will be run in slightly alternative ways in order to provide a safe environment for all involved and to be in line with the general health and safety advice. We work in small groups but we have to use a large room in order to provide social distancing. Large rooms are not very warm and therefore we will not be able to undress the babies. During this 5 week course, I will teach you all the baby massage strokes and you can follow along massaging your dressed baby, at home, you can practice and enjoy a proper skin-to-skin massage.

The classes run on Thursday mornings from10.30am to12.00pm,

6 parents & babies

€125 for 5-week course


Private Baby Massage Sessions

I offer private one-to-one baby massage sessions in the comfort of your own house and online. During each session we can also discuss how baby massage can help you in view of any little parenting or baby issues you may be experiencing, from sleeping to feeding or settling issues.

Contact me for more information:


Up to €100.00 of course refundable on Health Insurance. Check with your provider to see if you qualify.

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